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Listeria Outbreaks in The Chicken Industry – Your Safety Is Our Priority

You may have heard the recent news about the Listeria outbreaks in the chicken industry and understandably have concerns for your customers and your business operations. At Fresh n Frozen, we take this outbreak very seriously. We want to share some reassuring news: when it comes to top-quality chicken products, you’re in safe hands with our specialised chicken products.

A Commitment to Safety from Specialised Chicken

Specialised Chicken, our trusted manufacturer, shares our unwavering commitment to safety. They prioritise the well-being of their staff, the quality of their products, and the satisfaction of their customers. In their own words,

“Our commitment to the safety of our staff, products, and customers is of paramount importance. We constantly strive to maintain the highest standards of food safety to ensure that you receive nothing but the best.”

Fresh n Frozen and Specialised Chicken understand that product testing and quality are of utmost importance to you and your customers. Rest assured that our chicken products are not just high-quality but also meet essential requirements like being Gluten-Free, HACCP tested, Halal, and School approved.

Stringent Safety Protocols for Top-Quality Products

We’d like to shed light on the rigorous measures Specialised Chicken take to guarantee the quality and safety of their chicken product range:

  1. Equipment Cleaning: Each day, every piece of equipment at Specialised Chicken undergoes thorough cleaning and sterilisation by a dedicated professional cleaning crew. This comprehensive process covers all areas, ensuring a hygienic environment for food preparation.
  2. Environmental Testing: They conduct monthly environmental tests in the Cooked Chicken Room (CCM) and throughout our facility to maintain stringent standards, paying special attention to designated batch numbers.
  3. Pre-Operation Testing (Daily Basis): Before every production cycle, they conduct Pro Clean Swab testing on all hard surfaces. This daily practice guarantees a clean and safe environment for food preparation.
  4. Hygiene Micro Swabs: Their facility undergoes hygiene micro swab testing twice a week, providing an extra layer of assurance regarding cleanliness and safety.
  5. Cooked Chicken Room (CCM): In addition to the above protocols, their CCM room undergoes pre washdown of all hard surfaces before production begins. This process is repeated every two hours throughout the daily production cycle.
  6. Independent Micro Test Results: Fresh n Frozen has access to independent Micro test results conducted by Eurofins Biotech Laboratories, as mandated by the NSW Food Authority. These tests exemplify our dedication to transparency and safety.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch!

We believe these stringent hygiene protocols underscore a powerful commitment to delivering the highest-quality Specialised Chicken products to you. If you have any questions or need more information about the safety measures, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Fresh n Frozen.

Servicing commercial customers throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW, you can email or call us on (07) 55 495 900 to find out more.

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