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Chicken Caeser Salad

Simple Single Serve

The combination of chicken, bacon, creamy dressing and chunky croutons in this proper caesar salad is hard to beat. A menu staple that’s always a hit, though most people often over complicate it. To speed up plating times this recipe, Fresh n Frozen uses ready to use ingredients available in our Online Portal to speed up plating times. Click here to order now


  • 3 cups (Half head) Hand torn Cos Lettuce
  • 150g Coarse Cut Cooked Chicken Breast - Specialised Chicken
  • 2 Rashers Middle Bacon – Chef select
  • Shaved parmesan Cheese – Fred Walker
  • Caeser dressing – Wombat Valley
  • Chunky Croutons
  • Poached Egg


To assemble, 1. Arrange the lettuce leaves on a wide platter, then scatter with the croutons, torn bacon and shaved parmesan over the top. 2. Drizzle over with dressing and top with the sliced chicken. 3. Drizzle over the remaining dressing and top with a fresh poached egg. 4. Try tossing the chicken quickly on the hot plate to heat through and add some colour.

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