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Baking Just Got Easier (and Tastier) with Edlyn’s Cake Mixes!

At Fresh n Frozen, we understand the importance of quality ingredients and convenient solutions for your customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to stock Edlyn’s premium range of cake mixes – the perfect way to whip up delicious homemade treats without the hassle.

A Legacy of Baking Excellence

Edlyn’s has been a trusted Australian brand for over 60 years, renowned for their high-quality baking products. Their cake mixes are no exception. Made with wholesome ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours, Edlyn’s mixes offer a delicious and convenient way to create bakery-worthy cakes at home or in your commercial kitchen.

Fresh n Frozen is Your One-Stop Shop for Edlyn’s Delights

Here at Fresh n Frozen, we stock a wide selection of Edlyn’s cake mixes to cater to every taste and occasion. Whether you’re a home baker looking for a quick and easy crowd-pleaser, or a busy cafe owner needing a reliable cake base, we have you covered.

Here’s a taste of what you can create:

  • Classic Flavours: Spoil your family and friends with timeless favourites like Moist Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, and tangy Lemon.
  • Decadent Delights: Indulge in luxurious options like Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownie and Red Velvet Cake for an extra special treat.

Beyond the Cake – Endless Possibilities with Edlyn’s Mixes

The beauty of Edlyn’s cake mixes lies in their versatility. They’re not just for cakes! Get creative and explore these delicious possibilities:

  • Pancake Perfection: Transform your leftover cake mix into fluffy buttermilk pancakes or chocolate chip delights for a fun and delicious breakfast.
  • Cookie Cravings: For a quick and easy cookie fix, use your favourite Edlyn’s cake mix as a base. Add chocolate chips, chopped nuts, or dried fruit for endless flavour combinations.
  • Cupcake Creations: Portion your cake mix into cupcake tins and bake bite-sized treats for birthday parties, afternoon teas, or bake sales.

Fresh n Frozen is One of Queensland & Northern NSW’s Leading Food Wholesalers

At Fresh n Frozen, we’re passionate about providing Aussies with the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create culinary masterpieces, ready to enjoy in our pre-made meals. Edlyn’s cake mixes are a perfect example of this commitment. With their convenience and delicious flavour, they’re a real favourite for busy home bakers and commercial kitchens alike. You’ll be mixing up delicious creations in no time!

Fresh n Frozen is committed to becoming the best food wholesale distributor in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Email or call us on (07) 55 495 900 to find out more.

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