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Why Add Gluten Free, Vegan & Dairy Free, Options in your Menu

In today’s society, more and more people are developing food allergies or sensitivities. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in every 100 Australians has Coeliac disease, a condition that prevents the body from properly digesting gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.

Additionally, many people are choosing to adopt plant based or vegetarian diets for ethical and health reasons. As a result of all these factors, it’s becoming increasingly important for cafes and restaurants to provide options for customers with special dietary needs. By offering a selection gluten-free, plant based and dairy-free choices, you can make sure that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal – regardless of their dietary restrictions.

What You Need to Know About Catering to Dietary Needs

Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s important to offer gluten free, vegan and dairy free options:

  • Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people have become more aware of the negative health effects of gluten. By offering gluten free options, you can attract customers who might otherwise avoid your cafe or restaurant.  
  • Plant Based is on the rise with many vegans and Flexitarians willing to pay a premium for menu items that meet their dietary needs. In addition, by offering plant based options, you can appeal to a wider range of customers.
  • Dairy free options are not only for those who are lactose intolerant. Many people dislike the taste of milk or yogurt, but still want to enjoy delicious desserts. Offering dairy free alternatives allows everyone to enjoy your cafe or restaurant’s meals and treats.

Show Your Customers You Care

By offering gluten free, plant based and dairy-free options, you can show your customers that you care about their needs and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to accommodate them. In today’s competitive market, this can make all the difference between a profit and a loss. The market is loaded with products that can cover these options that will not only cater to a specific client but a broader spectrum of your customer base too

Want to Know More About These Gluten-free Vegan & Dairy-free Options?

Call our friendly team at Fresh n Frozen on (07) 55 495 900 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss our gluten free, vegan & dairy free product range. Supplying cafes, restaurants, clubs and retailers with quality, allergy-free choices, you can trust us to look after you. Servicing customers throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW, we’re committed to becoming the best food distributor in the region.

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